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Why sheep wool, and why SheepWÜL?

Sheep wool has been used successfully as building insulation for centuries. To this day sheep wool is arguably the single greenest, safest and most durable material available for building insulation.

Unlike other so-called “green” insulation materials that often actually contain toxins or require masses of petro-chemicals to produce, sheep wool will continue to be sustainably harvested as it has for the last several thousand years.

Sheep wool is the best natural insulation material for resisting flame. With sheep wool you do not run the risk of potentially deadly toxic off-gassing, or of putting known carcinogens into your home.

No other insulation material can demonstrates the ability of wool fibers to push back to their original size over a time frame that will outlast the building. Other insulation materials have been proven to shrink or succumb to gravity in wall cavities, leaving drafty voids where heat is free to come and go.

So why SheepWÜL? Simply stated, WÜL is the best way to get sheep wool into your existing walls! Sheep wool alone is a great insulator, but it lacks the density to allow it to flow into the cavities in your walls, and it lacks the density to push past existing fiberglass insulation. To overcome this “flow” issue, we started blending it with recycled paper, also known as cellulose insulation. With our proprietary fiber length and blend, we believe we have arrived at the world’s best material for existing building walls. SheepWÜL can be installed using widely available insulation machinery into existing wall cavities without having to take off your drywall! SheepWÜL is the greenest, fluffiest, cleanest and most durable product available for retrofit walls, period.